1952 to 1970

Circa 1952 - Patrol Cruisers

        In 1953 the City Council, through ordinance, authorized in addition to the Chief of Police, one Captain, one Lieutenant, five Sergeants, one Detective Sergeant, and 42 Patrolmen. This authorized a separate Detective Division.  Before this time, Patrolmen were assigned to work as Detectives, in plain clothes, from time-to-time as the situation warranted it. The Detective Division’s sole purpose was to carry out detailed, in-depth investigations, the division continued to grow during the following decades.



        On January 1st, 1966, after a Town-wide referendum vote, the Department took over policing and patrol responsibilities for not only the city consolidated district, but also the town areas of Norwich. The "Town of Norwich" included the Villages of Taftville and Occum; Norwichtown, Thamesville, Trading Cove, and the East Great Plain sections of Norwich. Until that point, those areas of Norwich had come under the jurisdiction of the Connecticut State Police and Town of Norwich Police "Constables" for patrols. This added area of responsibility reaffirmed the high regard that the citizens of Norwich have always had for their Police Department.


        In 1968, a dedicated Narcotics Unit was established by then Sergeant John W. Krzesicki, under the direction of the Chief of Police Robert J, Smith. The Narcotics Unit has been instrumental in addressing illegal drug trafficking in the greater Norwich area.  Members of the original unit went on to lead the State’s Eastern Regional Crime Squad. Sergeant Krzesicki went on to become Captain and then Chief of Police.



1971 to 1990

Compiled by
Chief Louis J. Fusaro, Sr.