1971 to 1990

21 Union St. - Norwich Police Headquarters 1953-1979

        Upon request of Chief John W. Krzesicki, the City Council saw fit to add two Lieutenants and nine additional Patrolmen to the department. This gave the department a total of three Lieutenants. This gave the Chief the latitude to assign Lieutenants to command positions for the Evening Patrol Shift (4pm to Midnight), the Midnight Patrol Shift (Midnight to 8am), and to the Investigative Division (Detective and Narcotic Units).  The nine patrolmen were added to the Patrol Division to give additional patrol coverage to the city.


        During 1975, the positions of "Juvenile Officer" and "Crime Prevention Officer" were established within the department and placed under the Investigative (Detective) Division. The creation of these two positions earmarked officers who were responsible for juvenile offenders and the Department’s crime prevention activities.

1979 -  
      Norwich Police Headquarters' relocated to 70 Thames Street, a new building designed and constructed in the mid nineteen-seventies.  The Department moved into its new facility in 1979.


        After a request by Chief Richard J. Abele, an the endorsement by the City Manager, and the subsequent approval by the City Council, a new position of "Deputy Chief of Police" was created.  This meant that for the first time the Department had a non-bargaining unit member as its "Second-in-Command." The Deputy Chief’s was assigned the primary function of assisting the Chief in the management of the department; oversee the day-to-day operations; insure high professional standards, and act in the absence of the Chief of Police.


        Due to the fulltime nature of the training requirements and mandates placed upon a modern day police department, the City recognized a need and authorized a new Training Unit and the position of "Training Officer". A Lieutenant was assigned to this full-time position has helped the department keep its hard-earned reputation as a leader in police training in the region.



1990 to Today

Compiled by
Chief Louis J. Fusaro, Sr.