The Narcotic Unit is charged with the overall responsibility of reducing and eliminating drug related problems throughout the city. The efforts of the unit have a direct impact on improving the quality of life for our neighborhoods by minimizing:

  • The level of illegal drugs available
  • The level of drug-related violence
  • The level of drug-related crimes such as prostitution, burglaries, robberies, etc.

Assets seized by the unit from local drug dealers are forwarded to the Connecticut State Asset Forfeiture Program and a percentage is returned to the Department.  This program helps to supply drug awareness educational materials and educational programs to the public. It also furnishes our police officers with supplemental training and equipment.

Narcotic Unit Activity:

  • Narcotic Investigations
  • Narcotic Arrests
  • Criminal Charges Filed
  • Illegal Drugs Seized
  • Weapons & Handguns Seized