The Crime Prevention Unit provides crime prevention programs to the public.  It typically conducts investigations of "white collar" crimes such as embezzlement, computer crimes and counterfeiting. The Unit also assists other units within division by providing them with the following support activities:

  • Technical Assistance and Research
  • Outside agency contacts and cooperative efforts
  • Evidence Identification and Recovery
  • Prisoner Extradition assistance

In addition to its divisional duties, the Crime Prevention Unit assists the department in the following capacities:

  • Community Relations Liaison
  • Neighborhood Crime Watch coordinator
  • Financial Institution Liaison
  • Regulation & Inspection of Pawn shops & Jewelry businesses
  • Maintenance of the Crime Scene Investigation Van, Evidence Lab, & related equipment

The unit is also responsible for overseeing the Departmentís successful "Anonymous Tip-Line" (886-5561 Ext.500), which allows callers to provide police with pertinent information without fear of reprisals.

Crime Prevention Unit Activity:

  • 40+ Neighborhood Watch programs
  • Annual National Night Out Against Crime Program
  • Crime Prevention Seminars
  • Citizen Police Academy programs
  • Truancy Awareness Program
  • Grants secured for Underage Drinking Enforcement Campaign & Citizen Academys
  • Evidence Processing Laboratory